Upfinished Furniture Becoming a Reality

From weekend husband and wife DIY projects to a home decor business shipping our products across the globe.

In 2016 Chad and I started looking into refinishing furniture pieces for ourselves and our home. With 5 kids still at home this gave us time to spend together and a new way to bond over creating something new for our home together. We came across the idea to sell our upcycled treasures on Etsy and figured, why not! Soon after we were receiving custom requests for handcrafted signs, centerpiece boxes, and bread boxes. Our hobby quickly grew faster than we anticipated.

  • In September of 2016 we officially registered our business as Upfinished Furniture & Rustic Home Decor

  • In 2017 we were featured on Hometalk with a DIY tutorial on how to Repurpose Your Vintage Milk Can into a Side Table

  • In 2018 we opened our first retail store in Kasson, MN

  • In 2019 we were able to bring on a small team & our products were in over 5,000 homes

In 2020 we went through some major changes some small and some bigger than we imagined.

First we shortened our name to Upfinished Furniture & Decor. We moved away from refinishing vintage family furniture pieces. While we still keep a small selection of upcycled pieces available such as our milk can tables. We wanted to turn our attention to our handmade decor- such as our stove covers, toilet ladder shelves, lazy susans, bread boxes, and beer caddies. We want our work to reflect traditional decor made with modern craftsmanship. This means pieces in your home that serve a purpose and are built with quality to last. 

The second major change was selling our retail store and moving our entire business to a full online shop. This meant discontinuing carrying other small businesses’ products and reducing staff. 

As we venture through 2021 we continue to refine and grow, and the response has been pure love from everyone who sees our products. We are excited with all the new products and avenues are business has laid before us and absolutely love that we are growing our business again. 

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